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Whitey Morgan and the 78s
April 11th @ 7pm
Tickets just $10

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Whitey Morgan and the 78s

April 11th

Changes Nightclub presents a night of outlaw country at its best! National Recording Artist and Ameripolitan Award Winners Whitey Morgan and the 78s bring their brand of country to New Castle, PA and they bring some rowdy friends with them! Twelve Gauge Justice, The High Noon Band and Andy Greg,

  • 18 and over Tickets just $10

Come raise some hell!

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Complete back-line provided for the musicians…..even a drum kit! Just plug in!

      • All miller products $2 bottles
      • Buckets of Corona or Heinken $15

All are welcome!

9 Responses to Upcoming Shows at CH Changes in New Castle PA

  • Jenn says:

    Definitely will say we had a great time at the best bar in western PA. This place looks like it should be located in Pittsburgh! New Castle is so privilaged to have such a nice place to go to. The employees are very attentative, charismatic and entertaining. The Earthquakers were great, loved the band, we were the “beer sons a b*#$@es” that night (that’s what they said)!!
    One and only suggestion?
    I hope nobody takes offense, I’m probably not the only one!!
    The bar, being informed will hold at least 500, has, well had, 5 and a half bars set up. Problem?? One bathroom with about 5 stalls. I probably only had just a bad experience, but had to use watered down hand soap and had no papertowels!!
    Overall, I like this place and probably will return. They had great security at the door and throughout the place. Keep on with the great work!!

  • Rebecca says:

    Was in New Castle visiting from Pittsburgh a few weeks ago and wanted to check out this place. Great looking nightclub that looked as if it belonged in Da Burgh. Only bad thing is it took me forever to find it. Had to stop and ask for directions. I drove right by it a few times before I found it. Just needs to be marked better or more lit up to look a bit more “clubbish” from the outside. Overall I had a lot of fun, heard some great music and the staff was friendly and attentive. I will be back!

  • Kevin says:

    BRING BACK KIX!!!!!! Or bring in britny fox or tesla! You got to good of a venue to be passed up

  • Jason says:

    Great place for bands to play!

  • george says:

    just a little note to let you know that its spelled BROK’N PIC

  • Nikki says:

    Is there anything going on for New Year’s Eve?

  • Kelly says:


  • Kelly says:

    When is total package going to be there? Everyone has cabin fever! Need to dance! Please get back to me! Thanks

  • Ryan McDeavitt says:

    My name is Ryan McDeavitt. I was up there on Saturday the 4th. I had bought some a shirt, a CD, a sticker, and poster. I’m friends with your security gaurd Jason Montgomery, so he he put my stuff behind the counter so I didn’t have to carry the stuff around all night. Then when I left I forgot to grab it from behind the counter. It is all wine& spirit merchandise. If u could give me a call so that I could come grab it at some point. I would really appreciate it. My phone number is 7246142146

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